The Alligator Wine

The rock band THE ALLIGATOR WINE was founded in 2016 by former Lacrimas Profundere vocalist Roberto Vitacca and Thomas Teufel. Their goal was to dedicate themselves to vintage rock while creating a completely new musical playing field.

Already in their founding year, they released their first self-produced EP “Swamp Arena”, laying the foundation for vintage rock without guitars. Supported by Century Media, shortly after they released their second EP “The Flying Carousel”, followed by the highly anticipated debut album “Demons of the Mind”.

Although the duo can be associated with genres such as psychedelic rock, blues, krautrock, and alternative rock, they stand out from other bands by their unconventional approach of not using any guitars. But that's not all - the band gives their music a special touch through experimental elements. With a variety of mind-bending effect pedals, THE ALLIGATOR WINE manage to captivate the listener, and there's no need to worry that the Hammond and Moog wouldn’t be able to create gritty and rocking soundscapes. Their love for groundbreaking bands like The Doors or Pink Floyd is clearly evident.

With great anticipation, THE ALLIGATOR WINE now presents their second album “Bones And Teeth”. Recorded at the renowned Kohlekeller Studios, this album is a true heavyweight. It challenges listeners to dive into its depths multiple times to discover all its facets.

With their unique style, compelling sound, and passionate live performances, THE ALLIGATOR WINE has secured a firm place in the rock scene. They are ready to explore new horizons and take their audience on an unforgettable journey. Immerse yourself in the captivating music of THE ALLIGATOR WINE and experience rock music in a new dimension.