Nocte Obducta

With “Karwoche” already the fourteenth NOCTE OBDUCTA album appears in the 30th year after the foundation under the name Desîhra.

The work of the band has influenced the German scene since the late 90s and with their diversity and great measure of originality always set new accents.

With “Karwoche – Die Sonne der Toten pulsiert” (Holy Week - The Sun of the Dead Pulsates), mastermind Marcel stylistically focuses more on the band’s first decade, cleverly interwoven with elements from the younger sound cosmos, and complements this musical side with his unmistakable lyrics.

At the same time, “Karwoche” – contrary to modern, polished productions – is always natural and almost mangy, without losing sight of details and the distinctive melodies of NOCTE OBDUCTA. The analogue sound perfectly complements the dense and partly morbid atmosphere that the album radiates at every second. This suction-like effect and the courage to be independent are the cornerstones of the album. The opener "Sun of the Dead" is a prime example of this.